“Symphony Circle” Invites Concert-goers

New Symphony Program Welcomes Solo Attendees

The Quincy Symphony Orchestra Association has created a new program geared towards patrons who attend concerts alone. The “Symphony Circle” aims to connect other music lovers during concerts. “Every season we hear from patrons that they want to attend concerts, but the person they used to go with is no longer available,” said QSOA Executive Director Jane Polett. “There can be a sense of loneliness when arriving at a concert and not having a friend to sit with. We heard this often enough that we knew we had to find a solution.”

That solution is the Symphony Circle—a free option that provides a sense of community and gives concert attendees the opportunity to make new friends. Membership in the Symphony Circle is encouraged for anyone who attends concerts alone, whether they have a season subscription or a single ticket. Members will be seated together in a designated area, will receive a Symphony Circle badge and will enjoy the attention of a dedicated host at each concert.

“Patrons can look forward to attending concerts again, knowing they will be welcomed into a warm and inviting circle, and at the same time that they will provide that camaraderie for others,” Polett said.   

The 75th Anniversary Season in 2022-23 includes six major concerts and additional youth ensemble performances from October through April. More information about the QSOA season or the Symphony Circle is available by calling 217-222-2856, ext. 11.