Mission & Board of Directors

Mission Statement

The mission of the Quincy Symphony Orchestra Association is to bring fine symphonic orchestral and choral music to the people of Quincy and the surrounding area, to provide organizations for local musicians to perform such music, and to create and support programs that encourage young musicians to continue fostering their interest and skills in symphonic and choral music.

Board of Directors

Susan Fifer — President
Christopher Mackenzie — Vice President
Loree Korb – Secretary
Gary Blickhan – Treasurer

Members At Large:

Shelley Arns – Encore! President
John Basinger – Symphony Orchestra Representative
Joanna Brock – Youth Orchestra Representative
Patrick Gerveler
Susan Holzgraefe
Scott Koelliker
Loree Korb
Lois Kruse
Randy McFarland
Barbara Mitchell
Jeff Terry
Brad Tietsort – Symphony Chorus Representative
Byron Webb
Christopher Weiss

QSOA Financial Statements

Form 990