Myth & Mystery

Quincy Symphony Orchestra | 7:30 pm Saturday, November 16, 2019 | QJHS

Mike Saul, horn soloist

Mendelssohn The Fair Melusine Overture
Franz Strauss Horn Concerto, Op. 8
Brahms Symphony No. 2

Not quite a mermaid or a siren, the fair Melusine’s image is the inspiration for the Starbucks Coffee logo.  The legend of the mysterious and beautiful Melusine, born of a mortal father and water sprite mother, is told through musical themes, opening with a delightfully cascading melody to represent her gracefulness in water.  Following the overture, enjoy the virtuosity of hornist Mike Saul as he performs one of the most-demanding solo works for the horn, using the highest and lowest notes in the instrument’s register, often in quick succession.  Then take pleasure in the joyful ambiance of rippling streams, blue sky, sunshine and cool green shadows depicted by Brahms’  2nd Symphony, written while the composer was on summer holiday in the Austrian Alps.

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Tickets $18 Adults, $15 Seniors, Free for youth 18 and under

QJHS Morrison Theater, 100 S. 14th St., Quincy, IL

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